About Us

It started with a very dumb dream...

Well, more unusual than dumb. In 2010, Chicago artist Joe Trupia thought it might be interesting to take the iconic LEGO® minifigure and print his own wildly inappropriate unique designs on them. After a year or so of experimentation, the formula for the finest custom toys on the planet was perfected and Citizen Brick was launched.

A short decade later, Citizen Brick has grown to the custom toy colossus it is today. Our mission is simple: make things LEGO® wonʼt the way others canʼt. With an eye towards replicating the detailed craftsmanship of the the timeless original, the team at Citizen Brick works ceaselessly bringing the gift of finely-crafted minifigs to the masses.


As seen in: Gizmodo, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, and Thrillist.