Stud Club

Oh hey there, Stud.

So you’re a big spender, and we appreciate that! To show our appreciation we've created our loyalty program, the Citizen Brick Stud Club!

Starting now, you will receive one point for every dollar spent. $1 = 1 point. Not bad, eh?

Soon you’ll be covered in Citizen Brick swag from head to toe and eligible for many other prizes and awesome new products given exclusively to Stud Club members!

If you already have an account with us, you will be automatically enrolled into the Stud Club.

But you don’t have to spend money to get points! You can also like us on Facebook and Instagram to start to stack up that sweet pointage. Also update your account so you can collect points on your birthday! Because that’s what friends are for, right?

So what are you waiting for?!  Join Citizen Brick’s Stud Club today!

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