Meet Citizen Brick Issue 1: Master of Printing, Color Genius, and Production Manager, Ashley Zenner

Share this post TFUPM Posted July 20, 2015

It might surprise you to drop in on the Citizen Brick HQ. The space is smallish, and most surfaces are covered with Lego. From the back of the room comes the soft white rumble of an air compressor. And just there, manning the pad-press (trusty Loretta, more on her to come) is our very own print genius (and perennial employee of the month) Ashley Zenner. All of the quality products we make here are subject to Ash's keen eye. In fact, Ashley is the only person in the world who pad-prints Lego Compatible BrickArms helmets. Ash is constantly engineering new ways to print different surfaces of Lego. She likes the zombies, but when forced to choose, her favorite Citizen Brick product is the breakfast foods. Waffles and Bacon for the win.
In her spare time, Ash plays softball with Deuces Wild. Her interests include reality television, the music of Jamiroquai, being tall, casting and mold-making.
Keep an eye peeled for Ashley at Brickfair VA August 1-2!

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