Meet Citizen Brick Issue 2: Master Photographer, CB Kits Designer, and Beard Enthusiast Bryan McLean

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We spend a good amount of time making sure our product is not just the very best quality available, but that it looks cool. Enter Bryan, genius photographer to the plastic stars. When he's not making our custom figs look as badass as possible, Bryan works on real life commercials. He knows how to make shampoo bottles look sexy - an invaluable skill in this business. His favorite CB product is the Neutral Face (a classic).
Bryan has a pretty solid origin story here at CB. In his own words:

About 4 years ago I got a bit of stop motion software to learn for commercials. I needed something to put in front of the camera and dug out my old Lego collection, but they were all discolored, dirty, or had teeth marks in them. I was a little bummed. Then I remembered "Holy crap! I’m an adult. I can just go buy a LEGO set." 
The day I went to the LEGO store was the day they released a new Collectible Minifig Series. The Lego store I went to, on a weekday no less, was packed with adults. Every open surface in the store was covered in little foil packets. At the time I would’ve thought “whatever nerds” and turned right back around, but I had just had that realization that I was an adult. I was in and I’m still glad I went to the Lego store that day.
I soon found Citizen Brick. The second I saw the neutral face I fell in love, it was just brilliant. When I saw the packages came from blocks away here in Chicago I immediately thought I need to meet these guys one day. Within the month I probably placed 4-5 orders and was using the pieces in a series of photos about sad LEGO people inspired by the neutral and sad faces. On the the last order in Sharpie was scrawled “BRYAN Y U NO WANNA TALK TO US…CALL JOE” and his number.
Turns out Joe had been trying to reach me for a while through Facebook and email which I mistook for shipping confirmations. The first time I met Joe and Ashley they were printing in this tiny fume soaked closet of a space in an old building converted to artists spaces. I started doing some promo shots for new releases and occasionally catalog shots of CB products.
I built out a fairly large lab background for the original “Chemistry Enthusiast” figure. After some interest in the background Joe asked me to condense the design to make into a set that could incorporate other figures and printed parts. The end result was the Superlab Playset. Earlier this year I came onboard part time and have gotten more involved in the day to day.


Meet Citizen Brick Issue 1: Master of Printing, Color Genius, and Production Manager, Ashley Zenner

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It might surprise you to drop in on the Citizen Brick HQ. The space is smallish, and most surfaces are covered with Lego. From the back of the room comes the soft white rumble of an air compressor. And just there, manning the pad-press (trusty Loretta, more on her to come) is our very own print genius (and perennial employee of the month) Ashley Zenner. All of the quality products we make here are subject to Ash's keen eye. In fact, Ashley is the only person in the world who pad-prints Lego Compatible BrickArms helmets. Ash is constantly engineering new ways to print different surfaces of Lego. She likes the zombies, but when forced to choose, her favorite Citizen Brick product is the breakfast foods. Waffles and Bacon for the win.
In her spare time, Ash plays softball with Deuces Wild. Her interests include reality television, the music of Jamiroquai, being tall, casting and mold-making.
Keep an eye peeled for Ashley at Brickfair VA August 1-2!


Recap: World War Brick

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Hey guys! We are settling back into another cold Chicago winter after spending a weekend in sunny Anaheim, California for World War Brick 2015.  First off we’d like to say a great big thank you to Dan Siskind and the team at Brickmania for putting on such an incredible show and for inviting us to be a part of it!  After spending the past few months hard at work on new releases and restocking old favorites it was nice to get out of the shop.  We got to see some old friends and meet plenty of new ones.  As always it was great to see Will from BrickArms and his exciting new releases, not to mention all of the amazing talent in the MOC’s on display.  It’s going to be tough readjusting to the cold, but we’ve got plenty of work to keep us warm.



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We have a special offer for you WWII builders! For a limited time, you can trade in any other brand of WWII LEGO torso, and get a brand new Citizen Brick WWII torso FREE! Trade in tired old digital printing for high quality pad printed Citizen Brick! Get your armies looking legit – FOR FREE! Just download the trade-in form below, and mail it in.

Click here for the Trade-In Form


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